Come have a leap into my non-sense sprinkler

this is a baby preacher. i want it in my metal band. HOW IS IT MAKING THOSE FUCKING SOUNDS WHEN IT’S TOO YOUNG TO EVEN COMMUNICATE IT’S FEELINGS??? i love how that guy is just trying sooo hardddd to chase it down and maybe take the mic away? and the child couldn’t care less. it just walks away every time e get’s close. you can’t even see what the guy looks like past his knees cuz the thing with the mic is a fuckin two foot tall powerhouse of a baby. ohh priceless. regardless, i want it to be in my band. i wish i had half the stamina and confidence that kid has. actually, i think i can comfortably speak for most people with that statement. good lord, child. amen!

so obsessed wit dis song man. gettin into die antwoord big time. da first song i heard, i thought dis nig’s obnoxious but den da catchiness began to kill me slowly. den i became obsessed. now, i am on my deathbed, thinkin i’m a defenseless buttafly, singin i don’t need you. you’re like see-thru. havin wet dreams bout da white girl wit da azn voice. hollaback.

fuck old people

i’ll tell you why i’m not a bully, i’m just seeking well-deserved vengeance…
- automatic health insurance, age 65+
- they drive fuckin too slow, swervin between lanes n shit, always fucked up on meds n shit
- retirement benefits
- most convenient parking in the parking lot
- they complain about everything!
- they always fucking smell like an old shoe..wit like fish in it
- always talkin bout “in their day” one wants to hear about how cheap shit was 60 years ago. it aint like dat no more.

it’s not my fault that you grew up in the fifties. just suck it up and be old. you never see an old person in jail either. elderly people should get their licenses taken away (or at least re-evaluated) and shipped off to an island where they can have bumper cars. and put fuckin air freshener all in their houses.

—a summarized chris lesniewski rant. copyright symbol.

my sista just showed me dis. i could see the future now and it looks like this..(fade wit harp-plucking)…
a mom: “C’mon billy, stop procrasterbating your homework..don’t you want dinner?”

URBANDICTIONARY ~ the unfortunate dialect of the future

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.”

Hunter Stockton Thompson

yea tru dat

caffeine vs. face paint

yo you know dat one commercial wit da guy who wakes up kind of miserable and doesn’t wana talk to no one until he’s had his coffee n then he drinks his coffee n feels like he can take on the day all of a sudden n he’s all uppety nshit? yea well i realized today that i’m totally like dat wit make-up…if i wake up in da mo, i don’t wana talk to no one til i got my make-up on haha god das fuckin pathetic! at least coffee is a somewhat respectable reason be a bitch or feel miserable in da mo. actually, what am i talking about? bofe o doze is goddamned ridiculous